• Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 06:30 PM · 17 rsvps

    New Haven Forum: Grad Teachers Fight Back + Pride in Resistance!

    Join us for this Liberation Forum!

    Special guest speaker Nica Siegel is a PhD student in political science at Yale University and an organizer for Local 33 UNITE HERE, the graduate teacher’s union.
    Graduate teachers and researchers at Yale won a massive victory in February when eight departments voted to unionize, but Yale has challenged them at every step. Even with a $25 billion endowment, the university refuses to address concerns about child care, sexual harassment, healthcare and more. In April, eight Local 33 members began an indefinite fast on Wall Street, just outside President Salovey’s office. Backed by students, faculty, other unions and New Haven community groups, Local 33 has kept fighting. Join us to hear about the struggle and what the New Haven community can do to support Local 33 going forward.

    PLUS: Pride in Resistance!
    Capitalism is not serving the LGBTQ community. It has taken decades to win the most basic rights to live free from bigotry and discrimination, and those right are under attack. An overwhelming number of LGBTQ people are part of the working class, and face all the same problems of other workers: constant economic insecurity, stagnant wages, cutbacks, rising rents, and temporary work (which is 94 percent of all new jobs). A fighting people’s movement in the streets could do much more than defend what has already been won - it could formulate a new program for the country that addresses the needs of tens of millions, not the greed of millionaires, and force that program into reality.

  • Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 04:00 PM · 24 rsvps
    Justice Center in Washington, DC

    DC: Pride+Resistance - The Struggle For LGBTQ Liberation Under Trump

    Massive Equality Marches and political contingents in LGBTQ Pride events around the country are showing the people’s resistance to Trump’s anti-LGBTQ bigotry, racism and sexism. The Trump administration is attacking LGBTQ people and rolling back protections that have been won in decades of struggle. How can we fight back?

    Come discuss these issues and others at this special Pride Community Forum!

    Plus: Update on plans for the People’s Congress of Resistance, a new fighting Congress from the ground up of resistors and all the communities under attack convening Sept. 16-17 at the Blackburn Center at Howard University.

  • Friday, June 30, 2017 at 07:00 PM · 9 rsvps

    San Francisco: The Struggle for LGBTQ Liberation in the Trump Era

    The struggle for LGBTQ liberation has achieved major victories in recent years. However, the collection of spiteful bigots, such as Pence, Sessions and DeVos that make up the Trump regime, have declared war on LGBTQ rights. LGBTQ people and supporters who struggle for a better world cannot rely on this government to protect us. How can the right-wing bigots be defeated and full equality be won?
    Join us for presentations and discussion on how to defeat the Trump regime and its homophobic policies and build a fight back movement!


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