People take to the streets of Oakland to protest verdict in Oscar Grant killing

Photos by Bill Hackwell

Over a thousand people converged at 14th and Broadway in Oakland after the verdict came down in the Oscar Grant case on July 9. Protestors came despite a climate of fear created by the corporate media and local officials. The protest continued for hours, surrounded by a huge and repressive police presence. Over 80 people were arrested. Significant demonstrations against the lenient verdict happened in many other cities including, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno and Portland Oregon.

Oscar Grant's Family
The Whole System is Guilty
Blocking a Bus on Broadway
Jail Killer Cops
No Justice, No Peace
Face off on Broadway
Heavy Weapons
Police Blocking 10th Street
Oakland Families Against Racism
How Many More?
Put the Pig in the Pen
We are all Oscar Grant
Oscar Grant
ANSWER Coalition Banner
No Justice Today
Plenty of Protection for Private Property

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