Activists, victims of Long Beach police hold press conference

‘Drop all charges against John Cabrera now!’

Victims of police violence John Cabrera and Elizabeth Bustamante at June 20 press conference.
Photo: ANSWER Long Beach

On June 20, the Long Beach Campaign to Stop Police Violence, a project of the ANSWER Coalition, along with recent victims of police violence John Cabrera and Elizabeth Bustamante, gathered with concerned community members for a press conference and rally in front of the Long Beach Police Department headquarters to demand that all criminal charges against Cabrera be dropped and to announce a lawsuit against the LBPD.

On May 14, Cabrera and Bustamante became the latest victims of police violence in Long Beach. Cabrera was met with an LBPD officer’s gun leveled at his head when he opened his door after a neighbor called anonymously to report a domestic disturbance. He shut the door, fearing for his life, and moved to the back of the apartment just before police fired more than two dozen shots into the apartment from the street outside, hitting him four times. Bustamante was detained outside in her underwear for hours before being moved to a nearby police station, where she was held and interrogated until the next morning.

Cabrera is currently being charged with a felony for allegedly resisting arrest, but the officers who came to his door with guns drawn had no warrant and at no time announced that he was to be placed under arrest.

The press conference received widespread coverage throughout southern California, including ABC, CBS, Azteca, Univision, Telemundo, NPR, KPFK, the Los Angeles Times, the Long Beach Press-Telegram and the Long Beach Gazette. The organizers of the Long Beach Campaign to Stop Police Violence, along with Cabrera and Bustamante, vowed to continue the struggle until justice is served.

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