'We are with you President Chávez'

Letter from the Party for Socialism and Liberation

Hugo Chávez

To President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías

Dear comrade President Chávez:

We send you our warmest revolutionary greetings in your battle for health and your struggle for the Venezuelan people.

As you undergo continued medical treatment in Cuba, our Party, along with the millions of people across Latin America and the world, will be by your side.

Venezuela, exploited by capitalist avarice and its people impoverished amidst exorbitant wealth for decades, became changed forever by your heroic and visionary action of February 4, 1992.

Venezuela’s transformational Bolivarian Revolution, and the awakening of the valiant Venezuelan people through the process of defending that Revolution, is thanks to your courage, leadership and faith in the people.

We have admired and supported your fight for socialism through the years, and all that you have done to encourage the popular institutions to assure the present and future advances toward that aim.

We are with you President Chávez, and have the fullest confidence in your leadership and that of your comrades who stand ready to continue Venezuela’s revolutionary struggle should your personal situation demand it.

Please receive our love and heartfelt solidarity.

Brian Becker and Gloria La Riva for

Party for Socialism and Liberation

December 10, 2012

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