Albuquerque: International Women's Day March | Unite and FIght!

March 08, 2017 at 5pm - 8pm
Location TBA

location TBA

More than 3 million people took to the streets to protest Trump’s inauguration and participate in the Women’s March. We are on the eve of a new mass movement and the struggle for women’s rights against patriarchy and sexism will be at the forefront!

During the campaign, Trump said women deserve “some sort of punishment” for having an abortion. Already in this country, half of all states have enacted laws that make it virtually impossible for women to get abortions, especially for working class and poor women. Mike Pence, Trump’s VP is an on the record anti-abortion extremist! Attempts to overthrow Roe v. Wade are an assault on a fundamental right. 

Trump’s entire agenda of unrestrained capitalism would have a catastrophic impact on women. Vast privatization of the public sector and social programs, the gutting of national labor laws, the lifting of corporate taxes and environmental regulations. The religious right is chomping at the bit to leverage their position within the Trump coalition to eviscerate women's and LGBTQ rights. The anti-immigrant forces are going into high gear to make sure Trump follows through on his promises of mass deportations.

Wall Street is hoping Trump will succeed. Politicians of the Democratic Party are not mounting any resistance. 41 Democratic Senators have voted to approve a majority of Trump’s nominees. None have voted against all of Trump's picks.

There is a need for a militant fight back movement for women’s liberation against sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, capitalism and the corporate two-party system. 

Women represent 50% of the workforce which makes capitalism and exploitation women’s issues. 

We believe we must take the road of grassroots mobilization in a fight back movement against Trump and his cabinet of oligarchs, bigots and militarists. Every progressive reform for women's rights has been won trough mass mobilization. Building a grassroots movement independent from the two parties who uphold the status quo of racism, war, and inequality is an essential task for genuine women’s liberation.


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