Albuquerque Liberation Forum: Struggle Against Police Terror Reaches New Boiling Point

July 15, 2016 at 8pm - 11pm

The Party for Socialism and Liberation invites you to Liberation Forums:

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Struggle Against Police Terror Reaches New Boiling Point

The chilling, uninterrupted murderous campaign of police departments against Black people nationwide has once again rocked the conscience of the country. Just last week, video captured the police murders of Alton Sterling, Delrawn Small and Philando Castile, and several others also fell victim. As protests of thousands, again erupted across the nation, in Dallas, a lone sniper gunned down five police. The people have refused to stop marching, however, as the police harassment and abuse continues unabated. 

Come hear the PSL's perspective on what tactics and strategies best advance the mass struggle. We'll also report on the arrest and targeting of PSL presidential candidate Gloria La Riva, who was arrested while participating in a protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 


Party for Socialism and Liberation qualifies for ballot in New Mexico 

On June 30, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, which is running Gloria La Riva for President in 2016, officially qualified for the New Mexico ballot.

Millions of young people joined the Sanders campaign because they believed in a political revolution. Now Bernie Sanders has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton, the preferred candidate of Wall Street and the military. Are the millions of mostly young people going to follow him into the Hillary camp and democratic party, or will they continue to build the movement independently?

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