Boston: We Need a New System -- Beyond the 2016 Elections | Cuba's Socialism & Solidarity

August 05, 2016 at 7pm - 10pm
Encuentro 5
9A Hamilton Pl
Boston, MA 02108
United States
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Last week, while racism, sexism and white supremacy were on full display inside the Republican National Convention, scores of people from across the region protested outside against Donald Trump and the GOP's platform of bigotry.

This week at the Democratic National Convention, thousands will voice their opposition to Hillary Clinton's record of war, her championing of the militarization of the police, expansion of racist mass incarceration and her unwavering support for record-setting deportations.

People across the country are rejecting both Clinton and Trump, refusing to be trapped by the "lesser evil" argument and are staying in the streets because they want to build an independent movement for real progressive change.

“The only way to defeat Trump, Pence and all the reactionary politicians is for people to get into the streets and protest. We must rebuild the movement, and create solidarity between the Black Lives Matter, immigration, environmental, anti-war, women’s, LGBTQ and union movements. That is the way we can win this struggle against racism and bigotry once and for all.” - Gloria La Riva, PSL Presidential candidate statement

Join the Boston area branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) for our monthly Liberation Forum on Friday August 5. We will discuss the need to break from the two party system and why we are running a socialist campaign for President.

This Liberation Forum will also feature a presentation celebrating Cuba's revolutionary socialism and it's record of extending solidarity to national liberation movements throughout the world. From South Africa and Angola to Venezuela and the Black Liberation Movement in the US, Cuba has been a source of great inspiration and has provided material support to freedom fighters across the globe. Please join us for an important discussion on Cuba's history of socialist solidarity.


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