• Friday, June 29, 2018 at 07:00 PM
    PSL Office in San Francisco, CA

    SF Film Showing of "Pride" for LBGTQ Pride Month

    Inspired by an extraordinary true story, the film follows a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists who decide to raise money to support striking coal miners and their families during the summer of 1984. Initially rebuffed by the union, the group identifies a tiny mining village in Wales and sets off to make their donation in person. As the strike continues, the two groups discover that struggling together for workers’ rights and against bigotry makes for the strongest union of all.

    Watch the film trailer. 

    $3-10 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.
    Refreshments provided. Wheelchair accessible.

  • Friday, July 06, 2018 at 07:00 PM
    PSL Office in San Francisco, CA

    SF Forum - Venezuela: Myth and Reality

    On May 20 this year, President Nicolás Maduro was reelected in Venezuela. Within 24 hours, President Trump imposed harsh sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry, in the U.S. ongoing campaign in trying to bring down the democratically-elected government. The U.S. media portrays the South American country on the verge of economic collapse, yet the U.S. economic blockade and aggression are never mentioned. What is really behind the U.S. headlines? We invite you to come hear firsthand reports on the government’s and people’s struggle to defend the Bolivarian Revolution. Discussion will follow the presentations.


    • Antonio Cordero, Consul General of the Venezuelan Consulate in San Francisco
    • Roger Harris, of Task Force on the Americas, and election observer in Venezuela’s May 20 presidential elections as part of Venezuela Analysis and Intrepid News Fund delegation
    • Gloria La Riva, PSL member, has traveled and written extensively on the Bolivarian Revolution

    Donation of $5 to 10 requested, no one turned away for lack of funds. Wheelchair accessible.

    Sponsored by the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee.

    Viernes, 6 de julio, 7pm
    2969 Calle Mission, San Francisco

    Foro Público de la Comunidad
    Venezuela: Mitos y Realidades

    El 20 de mayo de este año, el presidente Nicolás Maduro fue reelecto en Venezuela. En menos de 24 horas, el presidente Trump le impuso graves sanciones a la industria petrolera venezolana, como parte de la campana actual de los EE.UU. de derrocar al gobierno elegido democráticamente. Los medios de EE.UU. presentan al país sudamericano como si estuviese al borde de colapsar por problemas económicos, pero nunca se habla del bloqueo económico ni de la agresión constante de los EE.UU. ¿Qué hay detrás de los titulares de los medios convencionales en EE.UU.? Le invitamos a escuchar informes de primera mano sobre la lucha del gobierno y del pueblo para defender la Revolución Bolivariana. Las presentaciones será seguida por una discusión.

    Presentando a:

    • Antonio Cordero, Cónsul General del Consulado de Venezuela en San Francisco
    • Roger Harris, de “Task Force on the Americas,” y observador electoral en las elecciones presidenciales del 20 de mayo en Venezuela como parte de la delegación del Fondo de Noticias Intrepid y Análisis de Venezuela
    • Gloria La Riva, miembro del PSL, quien ha viajado y publicado numerosos reportes y análisis sobre la Revolución Bolivariana

    Se solicita una donación de $3 a $10. Todos son bienvenidos con o sin fondos. Se cuenta con acceso para silla de ruedas.

    Patrocinado por el Partido para Socialismo y Liberación y el Comité de Solidaridad con Cuba y Venezuela.

  • Saturday, August 04, 2018 at 11:00 AM · $5.00 USD

    Southwest Socialism Conference - We Need a New System

    When: Saturday, August 4, 12noon to 5:00pm
    (registration from 11:00am to 12noon)

    Where: Warehouse 508, 508 1st Street NW, Albuquerque NM 87102

    Hosted by the Party for Socialism and Liberation - ABQ

    For too long the corporations, banks and Pentagon have ruled society. The result? Half of all people are living at or below poverty levels. Schools are underfunded. Social services are gutted. Wages are at an all-time low. Millions have fallen victim to addiction, and the government has no answer other than more and more jails.

    With the billionaires and their politicians running the show, our children and families now face a global ecological crisis and the constant danger of war. Racism and bigotry have not been defeated but are on the rise.
    Come join a discussion about the alternative to the capitalist system—socialism. Socialism would mean getting rid of the rule of the super-rich who only care about profits for the few, and using the wealth of society, created by working people, to guarantee everyone’s right to a job, housing, healthcare, education and a sustainable and secure environment.
    The super-rich have two parties. The people — workers, students, youth and the unemployed — we need our own party and movement!

    Registration Packages 

    • $15 - Standard
      • Includes 1 admission ticket to the conference 
    • $30 - Standard + PSL Shirt of your choice 
      • Includes 1 admission ticket to the conference 
      • Your choice of a PSL shirt

    Option A: No New War on Korea T-shirt

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    Option B: No New War on Syria T-shirt

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    • $45 - Standard + PSL Shirt + book 
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    • $60 - Solidarity Package (Help cover cost for low-income people. Includes PSL book AND shirt of your choice)
      • Includes 1 admission ticket to the conference 
      • Your choice of above PSL shirts 
      • Your choice of above PSL book 
      • You will be helping to cover the cost for low-income attendees.
    • $5 - Discounted (for those in hardship) 
      • Includes 1 admission ticket to the conference 
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