CT Forum: Save the Planet! End Capitalism! PLUS: Hands Off DPRK!

May 18, 2017 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Join us in a forum and community discussion of some of the most pressing current issues!

As the planet continues to suffer under the horrific impact of pollution, resource depletion and global warming, the Trump administration is only increasing corporate attacks on the environment. The Dakota Access Pipeline, as predicted by scientists and Indigenous activists, is already breaking. The budget cuts to environmental conservation efforts and the new permissions given to exterminate already struggling species promise to deal a terrible blow. Corporations continue to overproduce for profit, sapping valuable natural resources out of the earth and replacing them with toxic waste. Water supplies across the country are being poisoned, with the most impact on poor communities of color. People everywhere are fighting back to survive. What can stop the destruction? How can we save the planet? Hear about how a new economic system is the answer to the looming threat of environmental disaster.


The mainstream media has been rife with fearmongering about the DPRK. The Trump administration has openly stated that they would not hesitate to go to war against the DPRK. In a new era of war drive and fear, we must learn why this is happening. What is the DPRK really like, and what do they want? Why is there so much hatred for it fomented in the US? What happened in the Korean War, and did it ever really end? Hear what people in the US can do to learn more about North Korea, separate fact from fiction and get involved in a movement against war everywhere.

Bonus presentation: Hear from an LGBTQ activist about Chelsea Manning's release next week, what's next for her, and how we can support LGBTQ people and political prisoners everywhere!

Free event! Free parking available in lot and on the street. Refreshments served.

ct@pslweb.org / 203-416-8365


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