DC: Socialism Study Group

September 20, 2017 at 7pm - 8:30pm

What’s Behind the Honeymoon Between Trump and the Democrats in Congress?

First the debt ceiling, then DACA -- why are the Democratic Party leaders in Congress and Donald Trump suddenly working together?
As Trump’s popularity plummets, he seems intent -- at least for the moment -- on making a dramatic move.

Trump ran as a Republican, but his only true loyalty is to himself. That is why he is despised by much of the political establishment -- not because of his disgusting bigotry and far-right politics, but because he is not capable of managing their common affairs.

Could U.S. politics be heading for a realignment? What are the opportunities for progressive and revolutionary politics?

PSL Socialism Study Group is a chance for progressive people interested in socialism to come together to learn about world history and discuss current events with like-minded people.


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