LA Class: Labor, the Elections, and the Lesser of Two Evils

September 09, 2016 at 7:30pm - 10:30pm

For the past several years the Fight for $15 and low-wage worker movement has brought thousands of workers out on strike, won improved conditions on the job, better wages, and struck back against rampant wage theft across the economy. This dynamic movement has inspired other workers to take action at their job and started a broad conversation about how our labor is valued in the U.S. if millions of people continue to receive poverty wages. 

With the next presidential election around the corner the labor movement is falling under increased pressure to vote for Hillary 'the lesser evil' Clinton over Donald Trump. Trump's racist anti-union record remains on full display as he refuses to negotiate with his own workers in Las Vegas. But does Hillary's own record bode well for organized labor? 

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a class and discussion on:

-What is Clinton's real record on vital issues for workers and the labor movement? 
-Labor and the legacy of the 'lesser evil' strategy has it worked? 
-How can workers fight for higher pay, real rights and reforms?
-What role can labor play in a fight for a new system? 

Red and Purple line to Wilshire/Vermont Station. Limited parking on Westmoreland and 8th.


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