LA Film Showing: The Murder of Fred Hampton

December 02, 2016 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

On December 4, 1969 the Chicago Police in coordination with the FBI assassinated the 21 year-old Black Panther and movement leader Fred Hampton. Fred had worked tirelessly to build the Black Panther Party, spread Marxism as the central ideology of the movement, and unite the entire organized working class in the Rainbow Coalition, among many other achievements. His work was deemed so threatening to the ruling establishment that he became a top target of the notorious COINTELPRO operation led by J. Edgar Hoover. In spite of his murder his legacy has lived on among the countless organizers inspired by his example. 

As Donald Trump assumes office on a promise of restoring "law and order" and drawing an equal sign between the existing protest movements such as the Movement for Black Lives, Native rights struggle, undocumented movement, Trans liberation movement, and more it becomes critical that we study the history of both the revolutionary struggles of the past and the government operations that were used to destroy them. 

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a film screening and discussion on Hampton's legacy and how we can take the lessons of the past into the movements of today. 

Limited parking on Westmoreland/8th. Red and Purple line trains to Wilshire/Vermont station.


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