LA Forum: Black Uprising from Charlotte to Prison Strikes

September 23, 2016 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

In a spate of high profile police murders of Black men in California, Oklahoma, and North Carolina the people of Charlotte have risen up in justified rebellion. These killings bring the toll of police murder of civilians to 68 in only 22 days since Colin Kaepernick kneeled in protest of the national anthem. The people of Charlotte have fought bitterly for two nights leaving dozens of police and protesters injured in a series of clashes, including the total shut down of I-85 through the first morning and the shooting of a protester on the second night. The mayor, police, and media have continued to claim that Keith Lamont Scott had a gun despite many eyewitnesses who watched him be murdered with his hands up. The Governor has declared a state of emergency to mobilize the national guard and additional police to repress the protesters. Join us this Friday for discussion on the latest developments in the rapidly changing situation. 

In tandem with the uprising and in honor of the 45th anniversary of the Attica Rebellion prisoners have gone on strike against prison labor for almost two weeks. They are protesting the obscene and slave conditions under which they are forced to turn profits for Walmart, United Airlines, Victoria's Secret, McDonald's and many other corporations. Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for discussion of the spreading rebellion of Black people against against the white supremacist system and the role of the Black liberation struggle in the fight for revolutionary change. Eugene Puryear, host of By Any Means Necessary and author of Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America will join us from Washington, D.C. for an in-depth analysis and Q&A session. 

-How do socialists view the Black rebellion unfolding in Charlotte? 
-Which way forward for the Movement for Black Lives and what does solidarity look like?
-What's the significance of the Attica Rebellion and riots of the '60's and what parallels exist to today'sstruggle? 
-Does the U.S. have political prisoners? Who are they?
What is the root cause of police terror and mass incarceration?

Red and Purple line to Wilshire/Vermont Station. Limited parking on Westmoreland/8th. 

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