LA - Resisting Empire: Fidel & the Cuban Revolution

January 06, 2017 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Featuring an eyewitness account of Fidel's commemoration in Cuba

The loss of Fidel Castro was felt by millions of people around the world. His leadership in the struggle against imperialism and for a socialist future was unmatched in his lifetime. He guided the Cuban people through the most difficult circumstances all the while promoting a spirit of internationalism that impacted the peoples of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. U.S. imperialism constantly found ways to try to sabotage the Cuban economy, interfere with Cuban politics, and even attempt to assassinate Fidel over 600 times. To this day the U.S. continues to view Cuba as a threat not because Cuba poses any serious military danger but because the Cuban socialist system, strangled as it is by the U.S. blockade, continues to show the world that another way is possible.

Join us for political discussion and an EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT of the massive commemorations of Fidel in the streets of Cuba following his passing.

PLUS: Update on U.S., Syria, and Russia


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