LA: Socialism Conference - Building a People's Party

May 20, 2017 at 10am - 4:30pm

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Donald Trump has launched an unbridled war on the people on behalf of billionaires and bigots. His immediate executive orders have targeted Muslims, immigrants, women, Trans youth, and Black people severely. His appointments and early policies also reveal a total disdain for any of the hard fought gains won by people's movements from the last century, including environmental protections, Civil Rights, unions, public education, and social services. His belligerence has extended across the world with war threats on multiple countries, a grossly expanded military budget, and resumption of a nuclear arms race. 

But the attacks on oppressed people at home are not limited to those carried out by racist ICE and cops. Since Trump's inauguration more than 90 bomb threats have been made on Jewish centers, dozens of mosques have been burned, over 400 reported hate crimes have taken place, including murders carried out by white supremacists. When confronted, the government's reply to this surge in racist violence has been little more than a shoulder shrug. 

The Democrats have postured as though they are resisting this assault on people's rights but their record already tells a different story of continued bootlicking of Wall Street and the military. Nothing is more telling of this fact than their decision to maintain the status quo leadership by electing Tom Perez as DNC and refusing to ban corporate lobbying. The only "resistance" the Democrats have mounted is one based on the desire of the Pentagon and CIA to launch an all out war on Russia despite the fact it is the people of the U.S. and the people of Russia who will suffer while they and their children sit comfortably on Capitol Hill raking in money. 

A glimmer of hope has risen up though with innumerable protests taking place all over the country from the mass actions in defense of Native rights to marches for healthcare and political strikes by immigrants and women. It was the people who defeated the first Muslim ban when they boldly took over airports. Only this militant, independent action can stand up to Trump, the duopoly, and Wall Street. 

And while Wall Street and the pentagon have their representatives in the Democrats and Republicans, we too, the people, need our own leaders. Only a true people's party that fights for the people's rights can build and lead a resistance movement capable of defeating Trump and his worse policies. Only a true people's party can finally break the dictatorship that the billionaires and bankers hold over society and build a new world. 

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for our Los Angeles Socialism Conference titled, "Building a People's Party". We will have a series of workshops and panels to discuss burning questions facing the people and movement in the era of Trump. We will engage in practical discussions about building a people's party and the fight for socialism. 

Limited parking on Westmoreland/8th. Red and Purple line to Wilshire/Vermont station. 

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