LA: Women Organizing to Defeat U.S. Endless War

March 17, 2017 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

This month marks the 14th year of continuous, illegal war and occupation by the U.S. government against the people of Iraq. Originally justified using deliberate lies claiming Iraq possessed so-called "weapons of mass destruction", the U.S. carried out massive aerial bombings, committed innumerable war crimes, as well as torture at the hands of U.S. military from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo. These measures were championed by both the Democratic and Republican parties on behalf of the military-industrial complex and pentagon. 

The role of U.S. imperialism has exposed itself as a power hungry machine, driven by oil companies and big corporations. This so-called war on terror based on false justifications has spiraled into attacks on Muslim communities at home and abroad, while draining our tax dollars away from social services to fund the ongoing war – not just in Iraq, but with other military operations throughout the Middle East and South Asia. 

The people poured into the streets for months leading up to the invasion, marking some of the biggest anti-war demonstrations in our history. And now 14 years later, we still must fight any justification used to assault, brutalize, and wage war against innocent civilians abroad.

Only two weeks after his inauguration, President Trump called for a travel ban from seven Muslim countries. A spontaneous uprising across major airports in the U.S. called into question and ultimately halted the ban. But now, Trump has administered a revised version of the travel ban. In addition to these attacks on Muslim people at home and despite Trump's posturing as being opposed to war some of his first acts include the continuation of drone warfare and a raid in Yemen that led to the slaughter of children and other civilians. Just this week he has overseen the continued creep toward a full scale ground war in Syria when a U.S. marine expeditionary force crossed into the country. 

However, this month we also celebrate Women's History! Women are not merely disproportionately and negatively effected by war, they also lead the worldwide struggle to end it! Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a discussion on who has benefited from the United State's continuous, illegal wars and occupation as well as celebrating the contributions of women leading the anti-war movement. 

For more information call 323-285-6545. Limited parking on Westmoreland/8th. Red and Purple line to Wilshire/Vermont station.


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