LA: Writing to Riders

November 18, 2017 at 1pm - 4pm

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a day of writing to political prisoners! The struggle for liberation means going head to head with the oppressive capitalist system and the forces that keep it intact. Often this fight requires great sacrifice, commitment and risk. Government organizations like COINTELPRO were designed specifically to target and "neutralize" political organizations and their members who oppose the unjust status quo. As a result, numerous freedom fighters have been wrongfully imprisoned, trading in their own freedom for the advancement of the struggle. It is vital that we not only remember these soldiers but that we show solidarity with them since they can no longer live freely, join us in the streets, or see their families they rely on people reaching out to them.

In collaboration with Black August LA and others, we will present the stories of several prisoners, read testimonies, and provide tips on how to write letters to political prisoners. Some of the prisoners we'll be writing to will include: Mumia Abu-Jamal, Ana Montes, Leonard Peltier, Joy Powell, Mutulu Shakur, and Debbie Africa. Stand with the PSL and allied organizations as we express our solidarity and gratitude to those who are sacrificing all. Freedom to all political prisoners!


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