Petition: End Cash Bail in Chester County!

Please sign this petition demanding Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan end the use of cash bail.

Pennsylvania’s bail system is based on setting cash payments rather than on an individual’s risk to public safety. As a result, the process too often assigns cash bail to those unable to pay. The result is long periods of incarceration, putting employment, housing, child custody and other means of stability in jeopardy. Roughly 70 percent of incarcerated persons in PA and throughout the United States are pre-trial, which means they have not been convicted. Situated in the larger racist U.S. society a grossly disproportionate number of those detainees are Black and Latino.

Philadelphia has limited the use of cash bail in recent years. For defendants released without bail recidivism rates have not changed.

The only benefactors of cash bail are the for-profit prisons and global insurance companies who collect billions of dollars every year in non-refundable bail. With the rise in corporate influence in state politics, the use of pretrial detention has increased more than 400 percent since 1970. It is not surprising that nearly 80 percent of people across the US believe the pretrial system is designed to benefit the wealthy.

Join Chester County Stands Up and the Party for Socialism and Liberation Chester County and sign the petition demanding DA Deb Ryan end the use of cash bail and put people and communities before the corporate profits of the big bail industry.

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