San Francisco: For people & planet, we NEED socialism!

May 21, 2017 at 12pm - 3pm

A Day of Classes with Party for Socialism and Liberation

The Trump regime has launched an unbridled war on the people on behalf of billionaires and bigots. Their agenda of unrestrained capitalism represents a grave danger to all working people and the planet. All the gains won by the people's movements over the last century are being targeted, including environmental protections, civil rights, union rights, public education and social services. Trump’s belligerence has extended across the globe with war threats against multiple countries, a grossly expanded military budget, and resumption of a nuclear arms race. 

The Democrats have postured as though they are resisting this assault on people's rights, but the only "resistance” the Democrats have mounted is one based on the desire to launch an all-out war on Russia. The many protests taking place across the country are a glimmer of hope. Only militant, independent action can bring the change we need. Join the PSL for a day of classes discussing socialism, the need for a revolution and the struggle against the Trump regime.


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