San Francisco Potluck & Study Group: Outrage & Optimism

March 18, 2018 at 2pm - 4pm

The women’s movement has often been divided over the question of confronting racism and imperialism. Large sections of the women’s movement are co-opted by the Democratic and Republican elites to justify their reactionary policies targeting poor and working women at home and abroad. 

The Party for Socialism and Liberation's women's magazine, "Breaking the Chains: A Socialist Perspective on Women's Liberation," presents a revolutionary perspective on the women’s movement which responds to other trends in the women’s movement who promote racist and imperialist agendas not only through outrage but through action. We know that the answer to the oppression women face is to build a stronger, anti-racist, anti-imperialist movement to uproot the source of women’s oppression: capitalism. 

Join the PSL in the San Francisco Bay Area for a discussion of the most recent issue of Breaking the Chains titled “Outrage and Optimism: Women Confront Imperialism” to learn from the struggles of oppressed women across the world. We will also be having a potluck together so bring a dish to share if you'd like. We will discuss theory and action in the struggle for women's liberation and eat together!


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