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Counter the propaganda about Venezuela — donate to the printing of 40,000 anti-war newspapers!

Organizers in over 120 cities have signed up to distribute

The Trump administration is trying to engineer yet another coup in Latin America. They have brought us to the brink of a new war and along with the corporate media, are working hard to convince an extremely skeptical population to support military action. The interventionists failed in their major provocation at the border but the White House continues to say that "all options are on the table." 

Our writers and layout team have been working hard to produce a 4-page, full-color tabloid newspaper to expose the war propaganda and reveal the truth about Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution. Getting out the truth is the first step, the foundation, for the anti-war movement to come to life again in a mass way.

The newspaper includes an FAQ about Venezuela, going through the real impact of sanctions, the roots of the inflation crisis, and the democratic basis of the Maduro government. It also highlights the mass rallies that have taken place in Venezuela against the coup — a fact that has been completely hidden in the U.S. media. 

This is the coverage that we must urgently get to the people of this country — being buried in an avalanche of lies and propaganda. To print a massive order, with express shipping, costs thousands of dollars. A $100 gift helps us print and ship 400 copies, and every contribution helps.

If you can make a donation and are interested in distributing these newspapers yourself, you will be taken to a form to request a shipment.