LA Class: Pentagon to TPP - The Need for Global Revolution

August 26, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm

With the Presidential election in full swing the need for a global revolution and increased international solidarity becomes more apparent by the day.

Although massive people's movements from labor and environmental activists around the world stalled the Trans Pacific Partnership it is clear that the next US President will fall under immense pressure from fracking industry and other major corporations to pass the largest free trade deal of its kind in history. Despite her pandering to the Bernie supporters and labor progressives Clinton is in debt to her backers from the frackers to the Waltons and major hedge-fund managers and banks. She will undoubtedly pass the TPP if in office.

Hillary has also been the major broker of the Pentagon's strategy for 8 years through the Obama administration helping to facilitate coups across Latin America and Eastern Europe, mass bombing campaigns such as Libya, and proxy wars such as the support of extremist "rebels" in Syria. She has openly called for increased aggression against Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran and total impunity for truly oppressive regimes such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. Her views and her record have invited the entire flock of neo-con, warmongering vultures to encircle her campaign with outright support, even if it meant crossing the two-party divide to do so.

Across the aisle, Trump has pandered to the poor, white working class gutted by neo-liberalism, free trade, and war by making outlandish claims about punishing corporations who export manufacturing, pulling back from NATO, and calling the Iraq war a mistake. His isolationism and protectionism comes from the far right nativist view that ultimately our policies should revolve around "America first!" But underneath this rhetoric he has maintained some of the most exploitative anti-labor conditions for his own workers, largely immigrant work forces, while really having no problem shipping jobs overseas - even producing his iconic hats in China! Trump has also been reigned in on his commentaries about foreign policy to a degree with the addition of key neo-con war makers to his campaign and potential administration.

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a class and discussion on:

-What is the TPP and how does it relate to a general strategy of neo-liberalism?
-What is neo-liberalism anyway and why should revolutionaries care?
-What are the Pentagon's strategic objectives and has any political administration veered from them?
-How do revolutionaries build a movement capable of addressing global problems of war and capitalism?
-How can the Left maintain control of the anti-free trade and anti-war perspective that far right politics is attempting to opportunistically seize upon?

Red and Purple line to Wilshire/Vermont Station. Limited parking on Westmoreland and 8th.


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