LA Forum: Forum: Which Way Forward for the Political Revolution?

August 20, 2016 at 12pm - 2pm

Myth of Democracy Exposed by DNC - Which Way Forward for the Political Revolution? 

Featuring Richard Becker, author of "The Myth of Democracy and the Rule of the Banks"

The Democratic National Convention unfolded in an atmosphere of intense resistance - opening with a large crowd of Sanders' supporters booing him for endorsing Hillary 'Wall Street' Clinton and calling on them to vote for her despite the overwhelming pressure of #NeverHillary and #BernieOrBust sentiment out of fear and panic at a Trump candidacy. Trump is a racist, misogynistic, capitalist pig but ultimately voting for Clinton is not the answer and these Berner's were unwilling to accept this blackmail. 

The booing of Sanders' supporters was a total refusal to accept the dictates of a Democratic Party establishment that had stolen the election through mass voter suppression in New York, California, Nevada, Arizona, and beyond. These irregularities were coupled by the outright scandal of DNC emails showing direct collusion between the Democratic Party elite and the Clinton campaign to ensure Sanders' 'New Deal' politics would not win the election. 

As the DNC barreled along to Hillary's coronation the Bernie movement transformed itself from support of the individual candidate to resistance against the undemocratic rule of the rich. Activists marched for the climate, gathered to free political prisoners, held a competing convention to discuss socialism and the way forward for their political revolution, and even walked out en masse during Hilary's speech where their chants against war were drowned out by Republican-esque jingoist cries of "U-S-A!"

The DNC has exposed the clear divide between a generation of young and poor working people who have declared that they will fight for progress with or without a politician like Bernie to voice their demands. But which way will carry the political revolution forward? Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a talk and discussion with Richard Becker, author of The Myth of Democracy and the Rule of the Banks on the prospects for the revival of radical social movements capable of challenging the status quo of dictatorship of the billionaire class. 

Red and Purple Line to Wilshire/Vermont Station. Limited parking on Westmoreland and 8th.


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