Liberation Forum: Puerto Rico vs. Wall Street | Wage Theft in NYC

August 21, 2015 at 7pm - 9pm
Justice Center
1637 Park Ave
Ny, NY 10029
United States
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Join us this Friday, August 21, at the Justice Center en El Barrio!

Puerto Rico to Wall Street: ‘Not 1 Penny More!’

The U.S. government is trying to tell the people of Puerto Rico that they owe U.S. creditors approximately $72 Billion in debt payments. If anything, the U.S. government owes Puerto Rico reparations for over a century of exploitation and colonialism!

Over the past decade the residents of Puerto Rico have seen their pensions cut, their taxes raised and public services slashed. New austerity measures are imposing more economic pain on Puerto Rico. Join us as we discuss the growing movement in Puerto Rico against austerity and the role of revolutionaries in the United States.

Working in NYC: Wage theft and the Fight for $15

Last month, the governor of New York announced his support to raise fast food workers’ wages to $15 per hour. This huge victory is due to the movement of low-wage workers that has taken the country by storm over the last several years.

Workers throughout New York City, however, are struggling against the illegal and exploitative practices of their employers, have no living wage and no protections. Come discuss the next steps in the ongoing workers’ movement at this week’s forum!


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