Pittsburgh Forum: Clinton - a war criminal and enemy of the working people

June 23, 2016 at 7pm - 10pm

Supporting Hillary Clinton, the “lesser of two evils” will not stop the march of the extreme right wing led by Trump.
Like Trump, Hillary Clinton is no friend to working and poor people. Her track record proves she is a clear ally of Wall Street and the Pentagon. Clinton is on record making racist comments and defending mass incarceration, opposing equality for LGBTQ people and for her crimes against the peoples of Libya, Honduras, Haiti - and the United States - for the benefit of capitalist bosses. 
Her candidacy spells more social and economic disaster for the U.S. working class, and growing threat of war and occupation abroad.
We need real change--for our children, for our communities, for the planet. 

Join us for a discussion on Clinton's candidacy and how we can organize for real change.


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